The exclusive MedicalDesktop™ Server Bundle

The MedicalDesktop™ server hardware bundle offers a complete central and extremely energy-efficient server system for practices with up to 10 workstations. The bundle consists of:

1 x PrimeMini Pro from Prime Computer in the exclusive MedicalDesktop™ branding incl. 5 years warranty
1 x Tandberg data backup system RDX (without media)
1 x Microsoft Windows Server license
1 x Microsoft SQL Server license
1 x Antivirus (subscription 3 years)

and comes pre-installed with MedialDesktop™.

The PrimeMiniPro in MedicalDesktop™ branding has the following features:

  • Intel Core i5 vPro processor
  • 16 GB DDR3L-1600 RAM
  • RAID 1 with 2 x 500GB SSD

The PrimeMini Pro from Prime Computer is fanless, has low power consumption, is maintenance-free and stands for safety and reliability. Thanks to the passive cooling technology and the almost completely enclosed housing, the PrimeMinis do not swirl up the air. Dust, microbes, bacteria, pollen and other undesirable particles are not absorbed and released into the environment.

Low power consumption, recyclable components and a durable construction: these are the benefits of the PrimeMinis, which have a much smaller ecological footprint than conventional devices. All Prime Computer AG products are manufactured in Switzerland, at the headquarters in St. Gallen. The Mini-PCs and servers are assembled and installed by technicians in the in-house workshop. Prime Computer AG uses components from renowned companies such as Intel, Samsung and Kingston.

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