About Us

Our companies have been in existence since 2003, and even then, we dedicated ourselves exclusively to the development and enhancement of MedicalDesktop™. This means for you a high degree of professional competence and experience paired with the latest technologies and methods.

MedicalDesktop History

Our History

The company MedicalDesktop AG was founded in 2003. The idea was the development of a new and easy-to-use clinical information system. From this idea, the product MedicalDesktop™ has been evolved – a cutting edge and flexible software solution which is exactly streamlined to the users needs to simplify administrative workflows.

Our overall goal was to reduce the time spent for administrative processes resulting in more time for the care and treatment of patients!

MedicalDesktop Vision

Our Vision

We are fully committed to the digitalization of the healthcare industry.

Our vision is to make a significant contribution to an efficient and cost-effective health care system by means of our innovative software solution MedicalDesktop™ and our constant striving for new innovative functions, which simplify the clinical workflows in a sustainable manner.

Medical Desktop Team

Our Team

The basis for a smooth project is a competent and motivated team. All our experts are highly motivated and long-term experienced in the health industry.

  • Ettore Weilenmann, CEO
  • Fabian Heuberger, Chief Software Architect / Partner
  • Hans-Martin Frey, Senior Software Engineer
  • Miroslav Mikulic, Head of Support
  • Luciano Uribe Piedrahita, Web Designer

Board of Directors

  • Fabian Heuberger: Chairman
  • Dr. Daniel Urech: Board member
  • Ettore Weilenmann: Board Member

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